Over the past 10 days five Buckeye gymnasts and three coaches have spent extended time at the TOPS National Camps at the National Training Center north of Houston, Texas. While there they have worked with the National Training staff and former Olympic Champions to sharpen skills and progress in their training. Congratulations to Nikki (A Camp), Raina, Abby, Shania, and Maili (all B Camp) for making it to the National Training Camp. What a huge accomplishment. Buckeye was one of the few gyms with gymnasts in both camps and one of the very few with five or more girls participating. Great job coaches!

The TOPS A and B Camps are the culminating event in the months long TOPS (Talent Opportunity Program) qualifying system designed to identify young, potential top level gymnasts with the USA Gymnastics program. The 40 or so gymnasts from across the USA who qualify for the camps represent the top 1%-2% of those girls who entered the qualifying rounds back in the summer. They benefit from the coaching they receive and the inspiration of being part of an amazing group of other talented athletes.

But all the gymnasts who train within the TOPS program benefit no matter how far they progress through the qualifying rounds. They benefit directly from the strength, speed, power, flexibility and basics training. They also benefit from the increased knowledge their coaches bring back to Buckeye Gymnastics after spending many days working along side the best coaches in the world.

We are very proud of all the girls who are involved in TOPS and we encourage our younger gymnasts to participate and to train hard for this program.

The photo shows Nikki B. with Olympic Champion and USA Olympic Coach Valeri Liukin during the TOPS A Camp.