Tumbling and Trampoline TNT

T-N-T Classes for School-Age Boys and Girls

Tumbling and Trampoline, otherwise known as T-N-T is for all children who love to run, bounce, fly, spin, and have lots of fun. But the fun factor can sometimes distract from the serious nature of the activity.

T-N-T is a physically demanding sport that is so much fun that the children often get in more turns and willingly push themselves more than our students taking other classes. Jumping trampoline requires the development of core body strength in order to hit and maintain positions and to withstand the compression that takes place at the bottom of the bounce. Tumbling requires speed, power and strength along with well-developed core strength.

All of the T-N-T events build confidence, concentration, courage, and discipline.

Trampolines and Safety

Trampolines are only as safe as the teachers and facilities make it. Any activity involving height and rotation carries a risk of injury. But the greatest risk when bouncing on a trampoline comes from flying off the tramp and falling an additional 3’-4’ to the ground.

This cannot happen at Buckeye Gymnastics. Buckeye offers a total of 12 trampolines, including our tumble-trampolines, between our three buildings. Ten of those trampolines are in-ground trampolines. This means the bed of the trampoline is even with the ground. There is nothing to fall off of.
The two above ground trampolines are surrounded by netting that also eliminates the possibility of falling off.

Our teaching staff is Safety-Certified, knowledgeable, and experienced. We teach the students step-by-step to make sure they are ready before we move on to the next skill.


T-N-T 1

This is the beginning class for tumbling and trampoline. We start at the very beginning with rolls, handstands, and cartwheels on floor developing the strength and core strength the students will need to master even the basic skills. We teach the kids  to bounce in control and how to stop instantly. Once these basics are mastered the students are advanced. No flips at T-N-T 1.

T-N-T 2

At this level the students are ready for more advanced skills including the introduction of front and back flips on trampoline. On floor cartwheels become round-offs and handstands become hop-handstands as handsprings are introduced.

T-N-T 3

This is the advanced level. The students master somersaulting and start tumbling with speed and power.


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Katherine M.

“You spend a lot of time with each student showing them how to position their body to successfully execute a move. My daughter has made great progress working with you and even though she works very hard, she enjoys every moment. You are the best.”

Mrs. B., Teresa’s mom

“Dawn takes the time to help the children so they can learn the skills needed to grow. Teresa loves gymnastics and looks forward to her classes.”

Malila B

“Miss Megan helps me with the things I didn’t know how to do. I didn’t know how to do a back handspring and she helped me with it. She is a really good teacher.”

Susan R., mother of Ella

“You have patience, patience, patience! This age is super difficult to work with and you do a wonderful job! Ella talks about you all week long and is very excited to see you. You are a very sweet and sincere person and we are lucky to have you for a coach. Thank you!!”

Addison’s Mom

“You have really made a difference in Addison’s life! She really trusts you and she is building confidence due to your patience and enthusiasm… We are very grateful that that Addison can learn from you each week- she feels so comfortable coming to class- and we know she is in great hands! Thank you!”

Nicole A

Ariane always explains the steps well and now I can go straight into my bridge! You’re a great coach because you make it easy and fun, fun, fun!!

Mia L (the “Worker Bee”) age 8

“Thank you very much for helping me. You make me laugh and enjoy the time I’m at gymnastics. I’ve learned so much in this past year with you and I like the name “Worker Bee” which you gave me.”

Cameron C, age 5

“We work hard while having fun and you help me with a skill until I get it right.”

Lisa C, mother of Jessica, age 6

“Jessica loves to come to gymnastics and you are part of the reason because you make gymnastics so fun. You are very gifted with all the kids and very patient. As a mom I appreciate you very much.”

Julie D, mother of Juliette, age 3

“[Chelsea] your happy smile and upbeat enthusiasm makes Juliette feel like she can do anything. Thank you!”