This post is a huge shout out to Kittia Carpenter, the Regional JO Chair, for bringing the Super Team Trophy back to Region 5. Kittia works tirelessly with the Board and the coaches of Region 5 to insure that the training camps, guest coaches, and all the details are just right in order to give the Region 5 programs the knowledge, resources and support they need to best prepare their gymnasts. Thank you Kittia and massive congratulations !!


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I agree!! Thanks so much Kittia for all of your dedication !!!

Kittia, you are wonderful. I miss seeing you

Thanks Kittia Carpenter!

Thank you Kittia!

Thanks Kittia!!

She is amazing! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Good job:)

She's the best!!



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Congratulations to all the girls who competed. Great way to end the year! Good job coaches.

Congratulations Buckeye! Very proud of you all!

Awesome ! Go Buckeye, Go Region 5 !!!!

Congratulations Well done Buckeyes!


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